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Lesser Black-Backed Gull?

Observed: 2nd December 2010 By: jhn7
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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One of a mixed flock of gulls interested in the scraps on the lawn. It did not partake but watched from the roof. Flanked I think by a Herring Gull and a Black-Headed Gull.

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I don't think the left-hand

I don't think the left-hand gull is Herring, as you suggest. HG is at least as big as LBB, while this one is very substantially smaller.



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Black-headed Gulls too?

It think Syrphus is right; the one to the left and to the right appear to be Black-headed Gulls in winter plumage.

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I could not see a black ear spot or head on the left hand gull (poor photo and too busy taking it too concentrate on identification) so I guessed HG, I forgot to look at the size! I was surprised the right hand gull still had a black head.

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