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Observed: 26th November 2010 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in BirdsPhilT69’s reputation in BirdsPhilT69’s reputation in Birds

I'm assuming these 100's of geese are Barnacle Geese because they are the most numerous on the Nith estuary (nearby) and Caerlaverock.Here they are flying NW up the River Nith,away from the Solway Firth, passing over the town of Dumfries. Sorry that their plumage is hard to see.(Will find a better camera.)We have very few Canada Geese in this area.

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I can't be 100% sure they are pink-footed geese, but they could well be, and they are not barnacle geese, as I am sure that you would be able to see the jet black breast of the barnacle geese, and the sharp divide with the pale colour of the rest of their underparts.

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A flock of this size on the Solway is almost certain to be pink-footed geese, by far the most common species there.

Bob Ford

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Thanks for that, Bob -

I've since seen vast flock of Pink-footed geese in a field a few miles from this. iSpot has really helped me to sort out the geese.

Phil T.