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Possible sparrowhawk?

Observed: 2nd December 2010 By: Bernie
2 Dec 2010 14.50 hrs Lincolnshire
2 Dec 007 10.20 hrs, Lincolnshire

We observed this bird today, feeding in a hollow in our garden (we are surrounded by farmland) We believed it to be one of our resident pair of Sparrowhawks that often flies round corner of the house, swings past the bird table, often successfully, to get some breakfast or lunch, and disappears throught the gap in the hedge.
We often find feathers in more secluded patches of the garden, where it has eaten its prey. It's favourite seems to be collared doves, of whom we have many that breed locally. We believe that is what this bird was plucking and eating.
When checking with the bird books, the line in its face and the fact that the stripes on its feathers go down, rather than across, made us think that it may have been something else other that the Sparrowhawk. Can any one advise?

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the dark marking under the eye (I'm sure there is a proper name for it!) suggests a Kestrel to me - perhaps a female or a juvenile?

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It's a female kestrel. Sparrowhawks give themselves away with their bright yellow eyes. Nice pictures!