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Hair-like ?fungus

Observed: 5th November 2010 By: Inglenookery

This hair-like ?fungus was growing under our shelled sunflower seed bird feeder. It was very thick, resistant to being brished away with a stiff broom, and spread quickly. What is it please and is it dangerous to garden wildlife or plants (ie like honey fungus?) - should I be worried that I have it and will it come back next year?


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Black hairy fungus

I typed in the above into Google and came up with the following plus everyone is saying found under or around bird feeder's.
Phycomyces nitens colinizers of dung normally white,maybe it is the black species grows on bird droppings. It did look very much like your's Worth a look.


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Did you read it

Do you think it's the sunflower seeds carrying the fungus,as everyone mentioned sunflower seed.


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Phcomyces nitens

I think that this may well be Phcomyces nitens. I have it growing underneath my sunflower seed feeder but it's almost certainly not related to the seeds as other people have reported it growing under niger seed feeders. It's probably growing on the bird faeces. I have been feeding sunflower seeds to the garden birds for years but have never had this problem before.

I would like to know if it's dangerous to humans, birds or cats.