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Observed: 13th March 2010 By: Ross SandersRoss Sanders’s reputation in BirdsRoss Sanders’s reputation in Birds

I spotted this bird which had been rather cruelly chained outside a dump with the intention of warding off sea gulls.

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I think this looks like a case for the RSPB. The wildlife crime investigations team contact details can be found at:

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Captive raptors are regularly used

at landfill and other waste management sites to drive off gulls and other birds. It's a condition of the standard operating permits that vermin are controlled. Gas guns are of limited efficiency, as the birds get accustomed to them.
Usually, a hawker calls in "on demand" and flies his bird for a while, then goes off to his next call.
I suppose that if the hawk is suitably effective just tethered, rather than flown, this makes life easier for the hawker - less chance of the bird being lost.
But if this site is just tethering the hawk there all day, without expert care, then it is certainly a case for the local police's wildlife officer.

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This bird is almost certainly

This bird is almost certainly well looked after. Falconers who get these contracts, dote over their birds and give them the highest level of care.

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Looks like a young peregrine to me, but falconers often use peregrine x lanner hybrids, so it could be this.

Bob Ford

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Saker Falcon

Dark underwing coverts and dark belly suggest a Saker.

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peregrine x saker?

Moustachials are far too broad for a saker, but could be peregrine x saker. Really does look very like a peregrine.

Bob Ford