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Gull (1) 29.11.2010

Observed: 29th November 2010 By: nick stacey
Gull (1) 29.11.2010
Gull (2) 29.11.2010
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Thanks for identifying this

Thanks for identifying this Herring Gull image
Cheers nick

N Stacey

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Agree with Herring Gull - but not because it has pink legs.

I agree that this is a Herring Gull (in 1st winter plumage) mainly because of the pattern on the wing coverts and tertials (the rest of the plumage can be quite variable on immature gulls).

Note that the pink legs are of no use in the identification though: immatures of all of the larger gull species that regularly occur in the UK have pink legs (including Lesser Black-backed and Yellow-legged Gull).

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Pink legs

Good point about the pink legs - We'll bear that in mind in future observations.

Saltholme Phoenix Group