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Observed: 1st November 2009 By: bryonybryony’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I was wondering if this was a harlequin? Have seen a few in my garden.

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I agree it's a harlequin

I agree it's a harlequin (Harmonia axyridis). Although variable, the commonest in the UK is orange with 15-21 black spots. Although this one looks quite red on the photo, I'm not aware of another species with this colouration and 18 spots (I count 18 anyway!), so pretty sure. Can you add the identification so I can agree.

Abbey Burn
OU Student BSc Natural Sciences

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thank you!

I'm new to this, but this website is a great idea! thanx for your help, Abbey!

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Welcome to iSpot. It does

Welcome to iSpot. It does get addictive mind ;-) It's always worth trying to put an ID on, you can always edit it later if it turns out to be incorrect.

Abbey Burn
OU Student BSc Natural Sciences

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Harlequin ladybird survey

I agree it's a harlequin. You might want to report it on this site: