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Snowy Tracks

Observed: 28th November 2010 By: menscryfa
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Whilst on my regular birdwatching walk I decided to photograph the myriad of tracks in a farmers field. They look like those of rabbits. Interesting markings to the bottom right of the picture maybe be some sort of marks from a birds wing?

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You're right these are rabbit prints.

The drag marks in the bottom right are interesting. They are much too long to be caused by the beating of a bird's wing. However, I wonder, and here I admit I'm making a leap of deduction, if they are not the legs of a rabbit dragging after being taken by a bird? Note there has been some kind of scuffle immediately to the left of the drag marks. What do others think - is it my vivid imagination or could I be onto something?

Graham Banwell

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