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Insects on earpick fungus

Hello, we have a glass tank into which we have put mossy sticks, pine cones, leaf litter etc to see what would grow. One of the pinecones has earpick fungus (Auriscalpium vulgare) on it, and there are some tiny white insects on them. They look a bit like cat fleas, but have three white hairs on their rear ends. They are eating the earpick fungus, but don't seem interested in anything else in the tank. I'm not sure if I can get a photo, because they are so small. Does anyone have any idea what they might be? Even a vague idea that I can follow up would be appreciated.



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Bit of deja vu here as I put

Bit of deja vu here as I put a comment here before but it seems to have vanished. The little white things might be springtails or possibly bristletails although this is less likely. quite tricky to photograph as springtails are liable to explode away if you get too close and they are very small.