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Smooth Earthball

Observed: 23rd September 2010 By: BenSanter
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Smooth Earthball
Smooth Earth Balls

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Not sure of this -

could indeed be S. verrucosum, but I wondered about S.areolatum (Leopard Earthball).
The former likes sandy soils, according to Phillips, while areolatum likes damp bare ground.
Mind you, this one may not have read the book...

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Smooth Earthball

Thanks for your comment, I found a cluster of them just on the edge of a golf course. The soil was pretty wet and often remains so around the area I spotted it. I haven't seen a Leopard Earthball before and I don't think it is in any of my books so certainly couldn't rule it out. I'll do some research on the internet.


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I agree with you on this I would have gone for Leopard Earthball,but I think we need more information on size,habitat example of one cut open as some are so similar