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Is this a male or female

Observed: 29th November 2010 By: dennispricedennisprice’s reputation in Birdsdennisprice’s reputation in Birds

we have a pair who started visiting a few weeks ago but only one came today unless the next picture is another bird

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These two have teased me on

These two have teased me on the park for weeks, One to you Dennis

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sexing jays

I don't think there is any difference between male and female jays.

Bob Ford

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Unless ...

... you're a Jay of course :-)


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Sexual differences

Only reference I can find to a difference between males and females in in BWPi which records a difference in the bill depth at the middle of the nostril with the depth being larger in males (average of 12.4mm over 103 birds) than in females (average of 11.9mm over 76 birds). Not a useful field characteristic I would suggest and even in the hand there is a degree of overlap in the ranges underlying these averages.