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Footprints in the snow

Observed: 29th November 2010 By: JCG
line of footprints
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These are almost certainly

These are almost certainly rabbit - hare is the only other possibility. The right-hand picture shows the track as the animal moved, and the left-hand photo actually shows prints from all four feet, as the hind feet virtually overlap the front feet

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Footprints in the snow

Watched a grey squirrel on the lawn this morning. The right hand photo shows identical tracks. The left hand one is probably the same, but with the squirrel moving a little faster, blurring the footprints.

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Gait certain, but which mammal?

This is clearly a hopping/bounding gait, but the prints don't look like rabbit.

When hopping, rabbits long legs show up well behind the much smaller forefeet, whereas in these images, the long tracks are at the front. Only when they are running, do their hindfeet track in front of their forefeet, but then the tracks are not grouped so close together.

My two suspects would be a small mustelid (Weasel, Stoat or Polecat) or squirrel. Since each foot appears to be longer than wide, this leans me more towards the squirrel, as suggested by JCG.

Without a good clear imprint and scale, I can not be sure who made these tracks, but since JCG saw a Grey Squirrel make identical tracks, I am happy to go along with that.

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These definitely look like squirrel. If they were rabbit the longer print, the hind feet, would be wider apart than the fore feet - these are parallel.

Graham Banwell

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