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Chocolate and green

Observed: 28th November 2010 By: yorkieyorkie’s reputation in Birds

These two inseparable handsome chocolate-brown and green ducks have been present on Lydney lake for a couple of weeks - they look really stunning in good sunlight. About Mallard size, I presume that they are a Mallard cross, but the other Mallard crosses present are quite 'blotchy' rather than this rich, smart colour form. Any thoughts on their parentage?

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Have a look at -

You'll find some similar specimens.

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Domestic Mallards.

These are domestic Mallards, with obvious influence from the "Cayuga" or "Black East Indian" breeds.
Both of these breeds have the dark, glossy green plumage all over the body. Cayuga are a large breed, East Indians are smaller.

The curly tail feathers visible in one photo show that both of these are males.

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Roger and Roy

Thank you for your replies and the additional information. If these 2 stay with us and breed with the other Mallards, we should have some more interesting variations next summer!