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Beadlet Anemone

Observed: 15th October 2009 By: greenmangreenman’s reputation in Invertebratesgreenman’s reputation in Invertebrates
Beadlet Anemones

Uniform red in colour, c.2-3cm in diameter.

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Beadlet Anemones

Although quite deeply submerged in a pool throughout our stay at the rockpools, it was only when waves from the incoming tide started washing over the pool that these anemones extended their tentacles. Presumably this was because the wave action was creating the necessary currents within the pool for filter feeding?


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the incoming tide will bring with it a fresh supply of prey items which the anemones are then able to catch using their tentacles. They have stinging cells on the tentacles that they use to disable any animal that is missfortunate enough to come into contact with the tentacles. I ahve numerous anemones in a tank at the college where I work and am able to create the same reaction just by adding some brine shrimp(sea monkeys)to the water!

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

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