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Starling feeding

Observed: 28th November 2010 By: Paul Armstrong
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Starling feeding - I couldn't resit posting this one as its plumage is stunning.

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endangered starlings

it's great this starling is coming to your bird feeder! :) the starling population has decreased rapidly over the last 20 or so years, and they are fast becoming and endangered species! so always encourage them to your feeders :)

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It's funny; being ...

... an urban birder I have a myriad of Starlings in the street I live in and I'm very used to them darting in and out of my feet (though of course you are right and the numbers are nothing like they used to be unfortunately) but they rarely come in my back garden on the same street. The only time they do is early summer when there are lots of juvenile birds all competing for food, and then they demolish my fat feeder. When they do come in I welcome them – they are much underrated I think.



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Starlings in my garden (or not!)

As a general rule, although there are many Starlings around adjoining gardens, they rarely venture into mine in groups of more than 2 or 3. Next door provides much the same bird food but they get far more Starlings as well as Jackdaws as regular visitors. However, possibly due to the fact that their usual trees are much higher, the cold and windy weather brought a flock of about 40 Starlings into my lilac yesterday, which was quite a treat to see.