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Observed: 15th October 2009 By: greenmangreenman’s reputation in Invertebratesgreenman’s reputation in Invertebrates

c.5cm in length. Striped patterning on body with distinctive yellow spots on legs and white spots on tail.

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I hadn't realised how striking these animals are (neither the photo above nor the ID guides I've looked at do them justice) until I and my 4-year-old daughter caught this specimen whilst rockpooling near Newlyn. The yellow, white and black patterning is really quite beautiful.


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Can't help with the ID I'm afraid, but I agree that it is a very attractive-looking beast! Will have to send my seven-year-old off to find one next time we're near rockpools.

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Origin June 2013 (Edit updated H'link)
I'm still finding it hard to accept (as a newcomer) why so few of the iSpot community find it so difficult to comment or, in this case, actually agree! Surely it's a Prawn!
May I offer, only offer, after years (2009!) of neglect, Palaemon elegans.
See though I don't think we can see the teeth