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Unknown insect

Observed: 19th September 2010 By: Stuart1960
Unknown insect

body length about one inch

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wing length

Hi jpikesley - are you saying that the wings are shorter than the abdomen for all females in the genus? My understanding is that, for the females, only Tipula paludosa has the wings shorter than the abdomen, whereas T. oleracea and T. subcunctans have wings longer than the abdomen.

Regardless of wing length, this is a female due to it having an ovipositor! I'm not 100% certain from the photo that the wings really are shorter than the abdomen, but if they are then I think it is T. paludosa.

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Hello Martin - no, not all

Hello Martin - no, not all females in this genus have shorter wings than abdomen - my mistake. In that case, i would agree that it is T. paludosa. However, the number of segments in the atenna should also be counted to rule out other possibilities.

And yes, i agree that this is a female due to the presence of the ovipositor