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Collared Dove family

Observed: 24th October 2009 By: cp345cp345’s reputation in Birds
Collared doves

The parents are shown below in the tree and the juveniles, this year's offspring, are above. The young haven't yet developed the black collar.

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Fledgling collared doves.

Several years ago, a pair of collared doves nested in the leylandii hedge by my place of work. The young fledged and then spent the next few days sitting in the stock racks outside. They would sit just above my head, literally within touching distance, and watch what I was doing.
They then took to following me around as I worked which, regretably, led to the downfall of one of them.
I noticed that one was missing and it was two weeks later when I found out why. A trail of maggots, streaming out from under a pallet looking for somewhere to pupate led me to the flattened corpse of the dove, which had obviously snuck under the pallet, just before I lowered it down.
Sad but true.

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For what its worth, the tree

For what its worth, the tree the doves are sitting in seems to be a sumac.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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very tame

Thanks for the comments, I wasn't sure what the tree was. They do seem to get very tame don't they. The parents have frequently come to sit on the back of a chair a few feet from mine when I've been having a cup of tea in the garden over the summer and I have to be careful not to accidentally step on them when coming out the back door!

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Always think collared dove

Always think collared dove are a much under-valued species. We birdwatchers can get rather sniffy about them, yet they have an amazing recent history. Extraordinary to think that at the outset of the 1950s the species had never been recorded in the UK, now it is ubiquitous, hence we literally ignore them, despite their vocal pleas to be heeded (from about 4am in our garden in spring!).

A few years ago, on route to Bolivia, I stopped over in Forida International Airport. After checking my bags I went outsdie of the airport, desperate to see what I could 'get' on my 'USA list'. Always a bad thing to do, and quite rightly (conidering my acquisitiveness), fate determined that, in the next hour or so, I notched up: house sparrow, starling and, you've guesssed it, collared dove!

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Collared Doves in Cornwall

The first Collared Dove for Cornwall was one at Trethewey on June 10th 1959.


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today I watched what I assume to be a pair of collared doves feeding at an old sqirrel feeder. One was slightly larger and was hogging the seed, not letting the other near it.I took that to be the male - am I right or just sexist?!There doesn't seem to be a difference in markings between the two sexes, any clues from anyone?