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Observed: 28th November 2010 By: sian.rowlandsian.rowland’s reputation in Plants

This acer began with a small green leaf and was quite compact then during the summer it developed long brances with large red leaves. I first thought this was maybe a root stock but when I looked more closely both leaf types are on the same branch. Has anyone any idea what has happened and should i just prune off the branch tips to remove the larger leaves??

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If the plant was supposed to be a dwarf variety of Acer palmatum,then yes prune the long branches out - or they will soon takeover. Reversion is a common occurence in named varieties of garden plants, and maples seem more prone to it. Variegated forms in particular will revert back to green.

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Forgot to say...

...that since micropropagation techniques were introduced about 25 years ago Japanese Maple varieties are often produced this way. It's a cheaper technique than grafting (less labour intensive) so this plant might not even have a rootstock.

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Re: Advice

Thank you for the advice. I will prune it as soon as it has thawed!!!