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Hedera Helix

Please can anyone help me. Why do certain Ivy's only grow on certain trees? I have noticed where I live that the Common Ivy (Hedera helix) is only growing on the Small Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata) and the Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)? Can anyone shed any light?



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Good question!

As far as I know, ivy forms no organic link with the supporting tree. It attaches by means of adhesive pads, but they are not invasive. This is why it can grow on walls.
As a result, ivy shouldn't have a species preference.
It is possible that the plants form an association with fungi in the soil: in which case the fungal species will largely be related to the trees nearby. So maybe there is some preference there.

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Fungi in soil

That is something I will have a look at when we thaw out. Many thanks I will keep you posted. It was just very noticeable.

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It is certainly worth investigating further -

For all we know, you may have hit upon something interesting that has gone unnoticed!

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I am very new to this so it will take a wee while. Thankyou for you encouragement.