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Pill millipede ?

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Pill milli and beetle 014
Pill milli and beetle 015

Small spherical grey segmented creature. found within a rotting trunk.

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Pill Millepede

I always called these pill louse and it is, I imagine, closer to a wood louse than a millepede.

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Pill Millipede

Just found Wikipedia reference which seems to concur with the original posting, ie, that it's a pill millipede rather than a pill louse. See

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Pill Millipede

Yes, it's a pill millipede. One of the things to look out for is the shape when rolled up - pill woodlice (of which there are several species) are more or less circular when rolled up and viewed from the side, whereas pill millipedes have a flat edge when rolled up and viewed from the side (shown well in the first photo above).

There are three species in the pill millipede family, but Glomeris is the only large one. The other two are tiny and pale in colour, and not often encountered.

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Thanks everyone.

Thanks Everyone, I had a feeling that this wasn't a Woodlouse.