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forum to swap hedgerow recipes??

there seem to be quite alot of postings of comments describing useful recipes and wild-food ideas on ispot, perhaps we should campaign for a new category on the forums???!!!



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At the risk of repeating myselt -

(I made this comment on the observation of elder), I quite like this idea, but have concerns about those Hard of Thinking types (not many on iSPot, I must say) who might just poison themselves as a result of a misidentification.
There is also the issue of a possible over-collecting (or the allegation of it) of some more vulnerable species. I'm not sure how you'd draw the line.

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and I agree that that relies

and I agree that that relies on the ID being correct of course, but one could use that argument for anyone trying hedgerow food ever in case of any error? safety applies anyway, whether ispot or not, and the responsibility will always be with the person doing the collecting, not with the photo or ID posted on a website. Of course errors can be fatal, but the swapping of recipes is not implying or guaranteeing that the ID is correct, is it? Surely for those of us who are happy that the berries are sloes, the leaves are nettles, the flowers are elder, the transfer of such information is fun and helps to keep alive age-old traditions. I do take the point about over-collecting, although most hedgerow recipes by their rustic nature, rely on abundance rather than scarcity/rarity

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I have commented on this -

in the observation of elder: here's a copy -
"perhaps I have been getting too involved with Health & Safety issues at work!
It's not true that H & S bods are kill-joys, but they have to learn to look for the ways in which the terminally stupid can do themselves a mischief. it's quite amazing how inventive some folk can be in that respect.
Check out the Darwin Awards (http://www.darwinawards.com) for some classic examples."
Personally, if I choose to eat a wild mushroom or berry, and I make a mistake, that's my look-out: think of it as evolution in action! But I have no kids, and a wife who would be financially stable without me.