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Unidentified fungi

Observed: 21st September 2010 By: JudithML

Found growing at the foot of privet bushes, these fungi are about 10 cm high, The young ones are a regular mushroom shape, becoming irregular as they grow. Underneath the caps they are yellow and porous. When cut, the pores bleed dark brown and give out an intense, earthy mushroom smell. I tasted a tiny piece about 2mm in size. It tasted intensely mushroomy and rather delicious, but I did not taste more without identification.


No identification made yet.

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Boletus sp

There are two that it may be B.impolitus and Xerocomus porosporus but I would not like to say which


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The Boletus impolitus is

The Boletus impolitus is quite rare in this country, it could possibly a Parasitic Bolete but this too is also uncommon. There are a number of Boletes that faintly resemble certain characteristics so its is hard to formerly identify.

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Found Pseudobolletus

Found Pseudobolletus parasiticus Parasitic bolete today!growing on very large Common Earthballs in Sessile Oak woods. Not sure that these photos are that species.
Mine ID'd by micologist. If I can will try to post Observation but with problems on site not keen to add

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