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Soapy Knight?

Observed: 21st November 2010 By: jhn7
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6 - 7 cms across apricot coloured cap with big gills and slightly fibrous whitish stem. I've agonised over the identification considering Brittlegill or Collybia but it does look 'soapy'. I'd appreciate some help please.


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its not a russula and i

its not a russula and i suspect not a tricholoma. it almost looks like meadow waxcap but not very sure about that.

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Thanks for trying!

I went round in circles, I don't think it is Soapy Knight but hoped someone would recognise it and put me right!
By the way I recently bought Mushrooms and other Fungi and recognised some of your photos in it, what a lovely guide! I like having drawings and photos. Although not very extensive I enjoy just looking through it.

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Thanks, suspect the editors

Thanks, suspect the editors of the book did not have much idea about using the photos for identification, they just wanted to pack them in however they could. Shame the book was not upright format.

by the way one other possibility for that observation might be calocybe carnea but not really sure about that either.

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Mirror images

Yes I noticed some facing pages are mirror images of each other. The photos are still stunning though. Not convinced about C. cornea. It will have to be confined to the enormous 'don't know' file!

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