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One for sorrow...

Observed: 6th January 2009 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in Birds

...but what do you get for 55? (look at the full size image and count - I swear it isn't photoshopped!) There were also another 18 not far away that I couldn't fit in the same shot. Very cold snap of weather at the time this was taken.

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55 for .......

astonishment !!

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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Magpie do roost in small (by corvid standards) groups. My local site has had a maximum recorded roost size of 75

David Howdon

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I had 11 in the garden yesterday.

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2011 count more impressive... the same site I took this shot, Dorset county bird reports show a total of 160 counted on Jan 29th 2011!