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Chinese Goose

Observed: 25th November 2010 By: docliff
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Chinese Goose
Chinese Goose

I think this may be a Chinese or Swan Goose but can't be sure. I know there are some recorded in this area but would appreciate some help.

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This is Swan Goose. 100% confident.



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they are the same species,

they are the same species, Anser cygnoides. The difference is I believe, that the wild ones don't have such a prominent bulb at the front of head, which is difficult to see from these photos. According to the NBN map there are not swan geese in this area, but as it's a country park, could have been introduced

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As you say, Chinese and Swan Geese are the same species (as is the bulkier African Goose).

Wild Swan Geese do not have a swollen knob at the base of the bill at all. Chinese Geese are fairly common in captivity, and can turn up anywhere in the country. Maps on NBN Gateway (and similar) will no really show there distribution because (1) escaped species are not regularly recorded, and (2)as there are no populations any sightings that are mapped will typically refer to birds present for only a short period of time.

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Thanks for the comments. It

Thanks for the comments. It is not an enclosure, just this part ( about 15 metres, recently fenced don't know why, the rest is entirely open. There is a prominent bulb at the front of the head which hasn't shown up on the photo.