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Bewdlley 5.6.10 054

Observed: 5th June 2010 By: Ann BaughanAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in Plants
Bewdlley 5.6.10 054

Elder flower?

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yes Anne, this is elder

yes Anne, this is the flower of elder, great for making cordials and light sweet drinks!!!

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Also wine!

And try dipping a flower head in a light batter and quickly frying it.
Don't wash it - just shake off any visitors (although they do add protein!)

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ispot recipes

there seem to be quite alot of postings of comments describing useful recipes and wild-food ideas on ispot, perhaps we should campaign for a new category on the forums???!!!

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That would be a good idea -

but it isn't just fungi that can be deadly - imagine if someone mistook some poisonous berries for sloes in their sloe gin!

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I agree that that relies on

I agree that that relies on the ID being correct of course, but using that argument, are you presumably against anyone trying hedgerow food in case of any error ever? safety applies anyway, whether ispot or not. of course errors can be fatal, but the swapping of recipes is not implying or guaranteeing that the ID is correct, is it? surely for those of us who are happy that the berries are sloes, the transfer of such information is fun and helping to keep alive age-old traditions

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I for one would be in favour, myself -

perhaps I have been getting too involved with Health & safety issues at work!
It's not true that H & S bods are kill-joys, but they have to learn to look for the ways in which the terminally stupid can do themselves a mischief. it's quite amazing how inventive some folk can be in that respect.
Check out the Darwin Awards ( for some classic examples.