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Bubble shells

Observed: 20th September 2007 By: Inishdooey
Janthina with bubble float and eggs

There was a stranding of these along the west coast of Ireland in 2007. I found these washing up on the beach at high tide, amazingly intact. They're essentially tropical or sub tropical but sometimes strand in Europe.

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Violet Sea Snails

You are very lucky to see these. I envy you.

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ID uncertainty

I'm not sure that it is the species janthina. It could be J. prolongata or J. pallida. What size was the shell? Less than 15mm across?

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ID uncertainty

Looks closer to J. pallida but I don't think an accurate species can be determined without more info. Perhaps Inishdooey can provide a picture of the aperture? The aperture of J. pallida is smoothly oval, that of J. prolongata is ear shaped., with an extended lip below the columella.

I'm pretty sure it isn't J. janthina