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What is this tree

Observed: 29th October 2009 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Plantslpearce’s reputation in Plantslpearce’s reputation in Plants

The reddish brown bark of this tree is causing me problems. It is growing in a large mixed wood that was once the 'garden' of a hunting lodge so may have been planted.

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    Acer sp.
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Acer sp

A suggestion, Acer opalus, this tree has pinkish grey bark. The fruit has about 10 in a nodding bunch. In the spring the flowers are large and pale yellow, hanging on long, pale yellow branhed stalks.

I can not be certain from the description and photos.


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It might be good to explain

It might be good to explain why you think its it not a sycamore with something red growing on the bark as this might help to find the key distinguishing features. It would also be nice to have a close up of the bud and winged seeds. I am not suggesting that it is a sycamore but looking for things that might help in saying that its something else.

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I can't see anything in the

I can't see anything in the photos to suggest it is not sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus. Sycamore has reddish bark and the leaf looks OK for sycamore. But I'm no expert on Acers. The multiple stems show it has been coppiced - as sycamores often are, by people wanting to get rid of them.

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Acer Sp

I cannot see any tar spot on the leaf, I would have expected it to be present in a wood in Lochinver.


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the tar spots ( Rhytisma

the tar spots ( Rhytisma acerinum ) are a parastic fungus that is very common on sycamore leaves, and can be indicative of air quality along with some lichens. If the tar spots are not present, it could indicate poor air quality. is there anything in the surrounding area that may cause this?

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After a closer look at your

After a closer look at your picture's it (top right) it seems to me that there could be some small tar spots appearing on the higher leaves.???..this would suggest that this is a Sycamore..I may be wrong though...


Jo :)
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