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Moth or butterfly

Observed: 11th May 2010 By: Denezzy
moth or butterfly
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IS it possible to edit your

IS it possible to edit your observation so that it is in the 'invertebrates' section, rather than the current 'utter unknown' section? That way more of the relevant people are likely to see it and confirm the fact that it's a Ringlet

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why is this a ringlet?

why is this a ringlet?

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Why its a Ringlet

The wings are a dark brown with a this white border, and if you look at the enlarged photo you can see the small circles which give its a name. The velvety appearance and the crisp white border is indicative of a fresh adult. As they age the wings become paler.

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I've edited this so that it appears in the "Invertebrates" section, where we should get the 'Likely ID' showing correctly, and more people will see it. Hope that's okay!

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