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Unknown fungus

Observed: 15th November 2009 By: Stuart1960
Unknown fungus

Found in woodland north of the A66, near Keswick. The width of the fungus was about 45cms and about 30cms in height and was growing in moss at the base of a tree.


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I've never seen lepistas

I've never seen lepistas growing in a large clump like this either, it also looks to have too thin a stem and too thin a cap to be lepista nuda. but i am not sure what it is with that interesting colour.

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I think you have a point......

I think you have a point Mike. When looking more closely at the photograph, I saw some of the 'shrooms are actually growing from one of the butress roots at the base of the tree. I now think it's unlikely to be Lepista. I will muse on it a little longer - something better fitting is bound to come to mind sooner or later!