Greylag Goose

Observed by docliff
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on 19th November 2010
Greylag Goose

I think it's hard to distinguish between a Bean goose and a Greylag but local information suggests this is a Greylag Goose. This is near a visitor's centre and the birds expect to be fed.

Location: Etherow Country Park
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Other observations of Greylag Goose x Chinese Goose hybrid (Anser anser x Anser cygnoides)


Not entirely a Greylag...

If you take a close look at this goose you will see that the neck appears noticeably more slender than is generally the case with Greylag Geese, and is much darker along the back of the neck and on top of the head.
The bill, which seems to be a mix of orange and pink, has an obvious black tip, and the suggestion of a swollen 'bump' where the bill meets the forehead.

These features are all features of domestic forms of the Swan Goose, Anser cygnoides, almost certainly one of the slender breeds known as Chinese Geese.
More of these hybrids can be seen here:
Note that there is a lot of variation in these hybrids because there are lots of different domestic forms of both Greylag Goose and Chinese (Swan) Goose.

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