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Fungi on caldwell gardens

Observed: 17th November 2010 By: bloomingstockwell
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Spotted in the grassed area of a local housing estate next to a busy road in south London.


No identification made yet.

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Difficult to.................

Difficult to identify without a shot of the underside of the cap I'm afraid. Could be Russula sp, or possibly one of the Milkcaps.


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urban mushrooms

Its good to see someone else interested in urban mushrooms in Lambeth. I have posted a number of mushrooms spotted in brockwell park. I have spotted at least 8 different mushrooms on my housing estate in Tulse Hill. Its annoying that the council often come and cut the grass before i have had a chance to harvest the edible ones.

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What type?

I agree with Blewit Boy a view of the underside would be helpful but suggest Russula exalbicans. Their season is July - November, they are often found in damp places but not usually grassy areas. Were there Birch trees near?