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Observed: 24th November 2010 By: MatthewGirlingMatthewGirling’s reputation in InvertebratesMatthewGirling’s reputation in InvertebratesMatthewGirling’s reputation in Invertebrates

I don't even know what type of invertebrate this is. But there were over 20 of them in one trowel scoop when digging out some well rotted compost. Any rough ideas? I'm sure the starlings will find them soon.

    Likely ID
    Bibio sp.
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Still active

These seemed quite active still, they were moving around. Will they eat plant roots and bulbs? They were near some plants that I've just put in.


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plant matter

If these are bibionid larvae (and they could well be) then they mostly feed on decaying plant matter, but do sometimes damage living plants (e.g. if their numbers get high in crop fields they can be a pest). I've not experienced them being a pest in the garden though, and they're probably happier in the compost heap.

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