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Observed: 21st November 2010 By: Brian Macdonald

Soft but resilient translucent jelly lozenges c. 25mm long, left on the strand line after strong winds.

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The sea squirts in the centre of the image are probably Ciona but there looks to be a colonial species in the bottom right hand corner too.

There is a piece of damaged sponge in the bottom of the image just left of centre and the bryozoan Flustra foliacea (looking like pale seaweed) is spread over it.

Mike Kendall

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This has sat for years without a solution, showing as an Other Organism and with an Unlikley and flawed ID Panel.
There is no doubt these lozenges are sea squirts and may indeed be Ciona intestinalis (misspelled in the panel).
I have taken it upon myself (blame me) to offer the rather more positive ID of the colonial bryozoan Flustra foliacea (flat leafy structure).
Doing so may run against the ethic of iSpot but I am secure in the knowledge that they are obvious in the pricture, the Group will change to Invertebrate, my ID will become likley, the Taxonomy panel will form, Other Obbsrvations will appear and this observation will appear in Other Obsrvations - so many useful things.
I came because I was reasearching my own Flustra foliacea - so few seem to do that..