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Observed: 13th November 2010 By: jhn7
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Two Lapwings with their striking crests, white fronts and purple-green shimmering wings in the grass in front of the lagoons. There were masses of other waders (including Golden Plover and Black-Tailed Godwits), geese and ducks but they were too far away for my camera!

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lapwings nests

My mother used to collect the eggs for eating.

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Country ways

The oncoming train being climate change! We will all have to find ways to survive using natural resources in a sustainable way!!

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It's difficult to tell sometimes -

just how uncommon childhood species have become, until your memory is jogged. I can recall pairs of lapwings into double figures in the fields around where I grew up in South Derbyshire. Walking there these days, you won't see any.

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Lapwing decline

According to the BTO National surveys in England and Wales Lapwings showed a 49% population decline between 1987 and 1998. Its like the sparrows, starlings or greenfinches you just don't notice until one day you realise you haven't seen flocks or even single birds for ages.
With the lapwings it used to feel as if the field rose up when they were disturbed. Then the sky would be full of their distinctive shapes,rounded black wingtips and white underparts, fussing, flapping and flickering until they regained their composure.

Certificate in Contemporary Science (Open)