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Mammal poo?

Observed: 21st November 2010 By: hornbeam

Two droppings made up entirely of fur. The longer of the two measures over 6 inches. I dissected them both and found only fur, no bones or insect remains. Not sure what animal left them.

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if there was meant to be one, then it hasn't loaded properly.
However, as soon as someone mentions droppings mostly containing fur, the immediate thought is, as hornbeam offers, "mink!". It is probably mostly rabbit fur, one of their major prey items. They also take other mammals, birds, and fish. A friend of mine reports that they prefer duck to almost anything else - they chewed their way past a series of increasingly tough reinforcements to her duck house to reach them. They only started on the chickens when all the ducks were gone!

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Massive mink

If one of the poos is over 6 inches, then it must be a massive mink! People in Newton Abbott beware!

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