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Observed: 21st June 2009 By: bobtom

Observed in Northumbria near Vindolanda Fort on a roadside bank amongst Water Avens

Species interactions

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Species with which Water Avens (Geum rivale) interacts


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A genetic mutation known as Tetralogical Water Avens

I think the word is teratological, from the ancient Greek verb 'teratologeo' - 'to tell of strange phenomena'. The noun 'teras' means 'a marvel'.

'tetra' is a prefix for 'four' and is not referred to here.

Teratology is the study of monstrous forms of animals and plants.


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Thanks for putting me right

Thanks for putting me right and the insight into the meaning. I should have not been so lazy and rechecked the spelling. However, in my not doing so I may never have gained this information. Thanks again

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