Exploring iSpot

As well as posting your own observations, it's good to see what other people are observing, and to help them with identifications too.

The latest observations are always displayed on the home page, or you can see them listed with more details, or you can see them as a gallery of thumbnail images. The list and gallery can also be found from the Observations menu, above.

Another place to go is to the eight wildlife groups, see Groups menu above, where there is more information about the various types of wildlife.

You can see what's new on iSpot by using "My unread", a great way of keeping up with observations and comments, available from the "My Spot" menu, above.

Have a look also at the "Changes" area of My Spot, which allows you to track anything that's been added or changed on the observations that you've contributed to.

Another way of keeping track of any observations that interest you is to click on the "Add to favourites" link. You can always see what is in your favourites list by going to My favourites.

You can also explore observations on iSpot using maps. The map in the My Spot area just shows you your own observations, but you can see all the observations using the Map of observations, available from the main Observations menu at the top of each page.

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