iSpotnature data snapshots: 14 years in 2 minutes!

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A fast track view of iSpot observations over time!

We have created a time lapse video showing a random selection of 10% of global observations. Each yellow dot represents a person taking a photo and uploading it to iSpot where the community helps to name the species. Yellow dots turn into different colours representing the main groups of organisms (e.g. plants, birds, mammals, invertebrates, fungi etc).

The series of snapshots captured in this video include 10% of recent as well as historic records over 14 years that have been added to the site since its launch in 2009.

Thank you for all you contributions!


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The date is clearly the date taken, rather than the date uploaded (which only started in 2009 in the UK and 2011 in southern Africa).

I did not realize that we had such a significant New Zealand presence. Is there not a case for making them an iSpot community? I suppose the same is true for western Europe.

Now why can we not have this as an option on each of our Projects!!

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Yes I agree about New Zealand (and Projects) - a shame Canada doe not figure more highly..or at all?

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Suspect a number of the NZ

Suspect a number of the NZ observations are mine, unfortunately I don't get the chance to go there often, I have set up several NZ projects. Canada could indeed do with more observations, do you have any contacts there that might like to become ispotters, we have tried a few times but not many observations. Note that the map projection used here makes those areas towards the poles appear to be much larger than they really are but if you would like to nip over to Greenland that is a bit short on observations too.

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Where are the new communities??

Why is it that there are no new communities forming?

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Tony's list

"... if you would like to nip over to Greenland that is a bit short on observations too"
Is that an offer Mike? I would not claim any out of the ordinary expenses (I have my own tent)
Otherwise, I think it might be the wrong time to engage communities - too much in-house cleaning to do first. Maybe Tony has a list of things that need sorting first!