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iSpot Projects allow you to set up a page that filters out observations for a particular place, time, or species group etc. This page is visible to other iSpotters, and enables you to share a particular interest from among the hundreds of observations that are contributed to iSpot each month.

We've added a new video guide to using projects, and here are some examples to give an idea of the range of possibilities:

Here is the full list of Projects created so far.

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insect identification

how do I add a photo of insect for identification?

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flora discovered on disused quarry below Tarmachan mountain ridg

This quarry was worked in the 1940's, material used in the construction of the Ben Lawers Dam. Lots of plants have colonised the area over the years since it ceased to be worked. I have photographed most plants, but not properly ID'd them all.
Posted dozen photos hoping for ID, which I think I lost as didn't use system properly. Will try again later!

M J Cammack

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Bug fixing or lack of.

Although, so I'm told, applicable to other aspects of the iSpot site as well. My immediate concern are those that affect the projects, and they are as follows::

  1. Multiple inserts of the same mage in the list and gallery function.
  2. Filters and tags being misread or just not working as they should.
  3. As 1. but this in the observation carousel.

Apart from being an embarrassment they are also taking up un-necessary bandwidth, which slows the things down right across the board. A link to my Cicadellidae Project. Hover on the link for more info.

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I'd like to generally support Mick here (if anyone is listening). Whilst projects appear to working quite well, there are a lot of issues.
Quite a few people have put up projects accidentally which are now of no use and clutter the space provided. Many are faulty too, not collecting Data as the author intended, so lie dormant.
I don't have the problem of duplicated observations because I invite tags but I WISH my Project Pictures would enlarge properly with a click.
Can we have a review of Projects in general PLEASE - can admin invite Authors to make comment direct to them - instead of asking for comments in a Forum - which would be hijacked almost immediately by less than satisfied general users?

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Gold turtle beetle

A few days ago I came across this awesome golden insect. I didn't know what it was at the time so I took pics. I would love to share the pics but don't know how to.

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Welcome Terrence.
You have joined iSpot ZA - great. You may have found Charidotella sexpunctata >>SEE<<
Click on this
Open your iSpot acount (sign in) and Add New Comment to the Observation. There are other posts of Golden Tortoise Beetles but this one has some comments from those best placed to help you (they will ALL see your comment).
Simply ask "how to" there.
Alternatively Click on iSpot Help and follow How to Use iSpot and follow the short easy video How to Add an Observation
Good wishes for your future here..and there!
ðerek (UK)