Loch Ardinning

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Once again, in connection with a project for my course.

Cycads of southern Africa

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To collate data on Cycads from gardens and the wild in southern Africa.

With 38 species of Cycad in southern Africa in two genera (Encephalartos with 37 species and Strangeria) southern Africa is a world Cycad Hotspot.

Cycads date from the Permian (280 million years ago) when they were far more diverse before the evolution of flowering plants.


Drepanogynis moths

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Paradyskloof area - Stellenbosch

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APES2035 Biotic Diversity Project

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Promote the use of iSpot amongst 2nd year BSc. environmental students and increase skills in photographing and identifying plants.

Karoo Biogaps: Help with Animal IDs

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Currently the Karoo is poorly surveyed for biodiversity (indigenous animals and plants) and there are large gaps in our understanding of which species occur in which parts of the Karoo. There is a need for field surveys to be conducted to discover which plants and animals occur in which habitats. Information gathered from the fieldwork in the Karoo will allow us to gain a clear understanding of species distribution patterns and allow us to determine which species are common and widespread and which are rare and restricted only to certain areas of the Karoo.


Loch of Strathbeg

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Again, connected to an assessment for a course I'm doing

Muir of Dinnet NNR/SSSI/etc

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Doing an assessment for a course at this site, want to see some examples of species on bog, heath and water habitats

Echinoderms of southern Africa

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We have an Echinomap Project. This is to catch all those that slip through the net because they do not have the tag.



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Xanthomaculina, a member of the family Parmeliaceae. The purpose of this project is to group the postings of Xanthomaculina to help with identification.

2012 04 20 Xanthomaculina hottentotta. 001r

Peaceful nature

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Trees and special gardens have always been used to symbolize hope and peace around the world.

Peace: a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.
Treaty: a formally concluded and ratified agreement between states.



Mountain Home

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Biodiversity of Mountain Home Plantation. A Mondi Plantation, just outside of Hilton, popular on weekends and afternoons for running, cycling, and walking.

Click on the blue tabs above to view the observations and map.

Die Hel

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Documenting the plants, animals and invaders at Die Hel, Constantia.

Alien plants and animals of Mtunzini

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To show the alien species of the coastal area of southern Zululand from the Tugela River to Port Durnford. These include both plants and animals of terrestrial, wetland and estuarine habitats. Most of the species originate in other continents - but the list includes South African species that did not originally occur in this area. One such plant is the Raphia Palm which is indigenous to Kosi Bay, but not this area. This Raphia palm is showing the typical traits of an invasive species - spreading rapidly and displacing the natural plants of the swamp forests in which it grows.


Swaziland's Sedges (Cyperaceae)

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To gather together all of Swaziland's Cyperaceae records.


Plectranthus of South Africa

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Melkbos Duynefontein Corridor

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To passively capture data on species diversity within the newly reserves Melkbos-Duynefontein Corridor


Howe Park Wood

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Hectad Challenge 2017 SJ85

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A BSBI e-newletter reported that 792 (vascular?) plant taxa were recorded in hectad TL45 (Cambridge) in 2016. My total, over several years, for hectad SJ85 is well in excess of that, so I have taken on the challenge of beating that total.

Plants of the Mtunzini coastal area (Tugela to Port Durnford)

Imagen del Ricky Taylor

To show the iSpot records of plants from this southern Zululand coastal area. This area is rich in plant species - but has relatively few iSpot plant observations. Hopefully iSpotters can rectify this.

zZini forest 030

Vergelegen - Somerset West

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To collect all observations for Vergelegen Estate.

Kromdraai 31

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The purpose of this project is to help identify the species found on the Wilgebosch game farm. There is a track on the farm which gives access to Compassberg, the highest peak in the Sneeuberg rang.


Keur River

Imagen del Tony Rebelo

To summarize the species found on this farm - a private nature reserve - in the Langeberg foothills, and its surroundings.

View of the farm from Amandelberg

British Weevils

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Curation of Identified Weevils

Hadroplontus litura

Critters at Tayport Community Garden

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We would like a record of critters spotted at our Community Garden to show how much biodiversity gardens support. You can find out more about the Garden and our involvement in citizen science projects on our website and blog: www.tayportgarden.org


Watlington, Oxfordshire Natural History

Imagen del Terry Jackson

To determine what is being found in the Parish of Watlington, Oxfordshire including Watlington Hill, Christmas Common, Greenfield, & Howe Hill communities. We know we are special let's record it.

View of Watlington from Watlington Hill

Watlington, Oxfordshire Natural History

Imagen del Terry Jackson

To determine what is being found in the Parish of Watlington, Oxfordshire including Watlington Hill, Christmas Common, Greenfield, & Howe Hill communities. We know we are special let's record it.

View of Watlington from Watlington Hill

Glenwood house project 2017 Grade 8S

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Natural science projects


Kay's Scratch Patch

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Random areas and random species for id purposes

Cape Vulture Western Cape

Imagen del shawka

Marine & estuarine life along southern Cape coastline

Imagen del NBaker

De Mond SOB

Imagen del Alexis Olds

To collect bird and fish data from De Mond Nature Reserve for taxon list purposes

Invertebrates of the Western Cape

Imagen del aveldtman

State of Biodiversity

Bumblebee emergence and colony initiation

Imagen del Lorie C

To record sightings of emerging bumblebee queens and their first workers in the UK

Karoo Biogaps 3225_2335

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The Karoo Biogaps Project aims to document fauna and flora in the Greater Karoo region. See more here: http://www.ispotnature.org/projects/karoo-biogaps

This collates the data for Pentad 3225_2335
This Pentad lies about 40 Km west of Aberdeen, just north of the R61. It is Eastern Lower Karoo in the Lower Karoo Bioregion.


Terblans Nature Walk and Jonkersberg

Imagen del Nicky vB

The purpose of this project is to help identify species along these trails.


Unidentified East

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Intertidal Southern Africa

Imagen del Andrewm

To check out intertidal biodiversity

Karoo BioGaps Lepidoptera

Imagen del Tony Rebelo

To document the Moths and Butterflies of the Nama Karoo for the BioGaps Project.

See the Master project here: http://www.ispotnature.org/projects/karoo-biogaps.

This collection ignores observations without any ID: at least a "Lepidoptera" ID is needed to appear here. To find observations without an identification please see http://www.ispotnature.org/projects/karoo-biogaps-help-with-ids


A Level Geography Field Trip - Criccieth Beach Biodiversity

Imagen del cpmtaylor@msn.com

To create a school field guide to create curiosity.

Image 1


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To catalogue all the plants that occur on the eastern side of the Jonkersberg bowl. This area is named after the George Lilies that occur in shades of white to deep scarlet. We couldn't find any white flowers on our most recent visit. The area probably needs to burn.

aaaabolCyrtanthus elatus dt outbolle030217 (83)

Welgevonden Plants

Imagen del Fynbosphil

Keep a record of the plant species encountered at Welgevonden Nature Reserve

Central Namibia

Imagen del Knysna Wildflowers

An assessment of the status of alien ferns in South Africa

Imagen del Emily Jones

This study is my Masters project. The study should serve as a first screening of the status and invasive potential of alien ferns in South Africa. Globally ferns (Pteridophyta) are under-represented in the invasion biology literature, with studies focusing on specific species rather than Pteridophyta as a whole. Similarly no survey has been done in South Africa to determine the current status of alien ferns or their potential impact they may have on a system. I am aiming to create as large a data base as possible and appreciate any help in logging sightings of alien ferns across South Africa.


Imagen del Nicky vB

The purpose of this project is to help identify the species found along and in the vicinity of the track leading to the Kosyn, (also called De Groote Kosyn) a cleft (a narrow, deep, water-worn fissure through a more weathering resistant sandstone band) on the Palmietrivier. The area was burnt in mid-December 2016.

2011 03 05

Tree sparrows in and around the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Imagen del Mark Hewitt

To determine the extent of the presence of tree sparrows across the Yorkshire Dales National Park (and surrounding areas) and to continue to record sightings of tree sparrows.

Tree Sparrow

Linford Lakes Nature Reserve Species Sightings

Imagen del LDickinson

To gather all sightings of all species at the nature reserve in a single, easily accessible, location.

Tracking Wildlife

Imagen del Amberlin Mote

I would like to see the different types of wildlife for my community. I would like to see if there is any trends of certain species in particular areas.

Frogs and Reptiles of Mtunzini

Imagen del Robert Taylor

Ants of Mtunzini

Imagen del Robert Taylor