drumkinnon woods

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local survey

Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

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A project to show species observations in the Glaslyn catchment area.

Askham Bryan College Campus

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A project page for students and staff to upload species observations from around the college campus


European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Extension of the UK Recording Scheme "Stilt & Stalk Flies" to capture European observations.
These are Diptera in the superfamilies Nerioidea (families Pseudopomyzidae and Micropezidae) and Diopsoidea (families Tanypezidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Megamerinidae and Psilidae)
For an idea of what they look like or for identification take a look at the following identification sites: Dipterists Forum (http://www.dipteristsforum.org.uk/forums.php) the European Diptera.info (http://www.diptera.info/news.php) and the Dipteres section of the French Le monde des insectes (https://insecte.org/).

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Nant Mill 12/10/16

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A project for my OU module, to find and record different species with photo evidence. Uploading the images here to help with identification and to keep them all in one place. Once I have identified the images correctly, i will rename the photos accordingly.

Fly Agaric


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Gathering together some of the fern observations made in Britain and Ireland.

Asplenium trichomanes 25 Aug 2012 17-39

Marine Fish of the UK.

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An indexed database of iSPOT'S Coastal Marine Fish - still unfinished

>>Here's the whole GALLERY<<



robins -European

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Test project to find why the system is only picking up 1 of the 1000+ observations of european robins.

Dudley Zoological Gardens

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To discover what native species call Dudley Zoo home.


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To gather observations from this lovely part of the Loch Lomond NNR


Tame Valley Wetlands

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Tame Valley Wetlands

Plantlife bioblitz walk 14/10/2016

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Part of bioblitz-S295-2016. 1 hour bioblitz of Plantlife along a footpath. The footpath was once the railway that led to Otley Railway station but has since become a footpath frequented by dog walkers. 14/10/2016


UK fungus day 2016

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This year (2016) UK Fungus Day is on 9 October! This project gathers together observations from UK Fungus Day events. To add your fungi to this project, simply add the observations to iSpot in the normal way, and make sure that in the "Descriptive tags" box you type in:

For information about UK Fungus Day see http://www.ukfungusday.co.uk/

UK Fungus Day is set up by the British Mycological Society with support from partners.

Rock Pools (around North Berwick)

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General interest

Norfolk Flora

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To help us relocate some of the more interesting and scarcer species which appear to have declined or have been only infrequently recorded since completion of the last Norfolk Flora.

Lake District

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Find wild flower sightings in my area. Blackness, Linlithgow, Bo'ness.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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Sharing wildlife records made within the Garden.

Longhorn beetles in British Isles

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Pablo And Finlay John Muir Observations

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To record the different species of plants growing on the path up to Ben Macdui And Lurchers Crag



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Holywell Eastbourne

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Wildlife and plant observations for the area

Beckton District Park

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create a list of all species observed at this site

Deer Park Wood

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To observe, identify and record all the wildlife within the area of Deer Park Wood, Witney, Oxfordshire.

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Potters Crouch Wood

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To keep track of the various species found in this small Scots Pine woodland.

Potters Crouch Wood

UK Plant Records

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List of all plant records submitted and identified through iSpot.

Oaks in Ireland 2

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To collate records of Quercus robur in Ireland