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Big Butterfly Count - starts on Saturday 19 July!


The annual Big Butterfly Count runs from Saturday 19 July to Sunday 10 August - spend 15 minutes in the sunshine counting butterflies and you can help provide valuable data for conserving butterflies.

Watch the video to see how iSpot's friendly community helps you learn about wildlife.

Take a quiz to test your identification skills!


New on iSpot: identification quizzes! Test your skills and practice identifying the different wildlife groups, selected from the wide range of observations on iSpot.

iSpot's new Hong Kong community - welcome!


Hong Kong has joined the iSpot international community - welcome! We look forward to helping Hong Kong's residents and visitors explore their local biodiversity.

Treezilla - the monster map of trees


We're making a map of Britain's trees and their ecosystem benefits. You can help by adding trees in your area, and getting involved with a range of citizen science tree projects.

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OU environment courses

You can study many aspects of the environment with The Open University, and there are courses to suit everyone: take a short module, work towards a named degree, or try course sections for free on OpenLearn.

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Introduction to ecosystems

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