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"The Biology of Survival" is a new course from The Open University that focuses on a range of plant and animal species to illustrate elements of biology from an evolutionary perspective. Students are currently carrying out fieldwork to investigate pollination.

A new paper describing iSpot's crowd-sourcing approach to species identification has been published in the open-access journal ZooKeys.


The Floodplain Meadows Partnership is based here at The Open University. They are running workshops and planning for this year's surveys of fritillary flowers and of bumblebees - read on to find out how you can take part.


iSpot Projects were a new feature when our new site was launched in August. iSpotters have been making good use of Projects since then - read on to find out how.


Fancy a mission? Join the Weather-it community! "Weather-it" is for anyone with an interest in weather. You can take part by using your mobile phone's inbuilt sensors, your cloud-spotting skills and more.


Have you tried out the iSpot identification quizzes? Test your skills and practice identifying the different wildlife groups, selected from the wide range of observations on iSpot.

The OpenScience Laboratory, the home of iSpot, won the "Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year" category at last night's The Times Higher Education Awards. The awards, held in London, recognise outstanding achievements for education in the UK: