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Welcome to iSpot southern Africa. Your one-stop shop for Biodiversity on the subcontinent. Please feel free to use the site for any interesting observation you may have, to document something, to obtain an ID - by adding an observation, by looking around, or more formally by using the browser (the "surfer") or the dictionary links. Please also help others by making an ID if you know something that someone else needs an ID for.

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The second carousel above is global and not very useful. In order to try and re-enervate our local users to help with getting identifications made, we have created a number of projects that can achieve this.

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Sedge (Cyperaceae) Genera of Africa and Madagascar
by Jane Browning and Paul Goetghebeur
Sedges (of the plant family Cyperaceae) can appear seemingly insignificant. On closer inspection, however, their hidden, complex and remarkable constructive design is revealed.

If you are able to devote a few hours over the weekend - or perhaps the next - to testing the new site, please contact me urgently. Numbers will be limited to a handful of testers, so please only respond if you have plenty of time and are willing to try and break iSpot. Clearly you will need lots of iSpot knowledge, so only users with over 1000 observations are eligible, unless you can make a very good case otherwise.

Details are still sketchy ...

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Bee Line : Solo Art Exhibition
by award winning sculptor : Jenny Cullinan

In support of the protection of Wild Bees.
Refer to for more information.

Jenny devotes this exhibition to raising awareness and support for the ongoing research and conservation work that she and Karin Sternberg of UJUBEE conduct.


Over the past months we have been undergoing in-depth technical work behind the scenes of iSpot updating the technology this will help to ensure that the service we provide has a sustainable future. With the first phase of this work almost done we will be introducing changes to the site in the coming weeks and months. We will be providing regular updates, revised Help Sections and FAQs to inform and guide you through this process so do look out for this; but we need your help too. The most important thing we need you to do now is to check and make sure that the email address you have linked with your account / profile is up-to-date.

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Our long awaited Ant Book is out!

R50 discount still applies: merely post an Ant observation on iSpot to be eligible!

Order your copy now.
Only R245 to iSpotters!
Offer valid until 18 March 2017 (& until further notice)