Help Confirm s African observations

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The second carousel above is global and not very useful. In order to try and re-enervate our local users to help with getting identifications made, we have created a number of projects that can achieve this.

Help Confirm s African observations

Quick link to s African Projects index

Nominate or Vote for Observation of the Month


Merely click here to see them. Like all projects, you have the choice of list, gallery and map views. The list makes identification easiest, but the gallery allows one to see more observations at a time and quickly scan to something that you might know. The map allows you to home in on those nearest you.

The projects are:


FISH (land)
FISH (Sea)



For those hankering after the old ZA (s Afr) iSpot from - there is a project for you here:

For those needing an urgent ID on an old languishing observation: please use

A quick link to the s African Projects index is - i.e. the iSpot site and add "/projects/project-list" - or better still: go to the page and bookmark it.

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Thanks Tony

this is a great idea! Will be using it from now.

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Note - update bug.

Due to the 10March Update bug, no observations after 9/10 March are showing on any projects at present.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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All observations to current are shown. The first dozen or so are really new and just have not yet had time to be checked.

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Good old original iSpot Southern Africa

The familiar iSpot ZA (s. Afr.) can be found here:

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Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
Photos licensed

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Help please!!

The following observations are not linked to the SANBI dictionary so are not visible to us. Please help make these links work.


This is a result of four bugs:

1. a few-day bug introduced mid January 2015 (during the "unstable period"), when the location module failed and everything was assigned to CoL.
2. a slightly longer-lived bug in which iSpot assumed all childes of interactions had zero coordinates (and therefore are in CoL domain).
3. the L0L0 Bug. Occasional observations are dumped at Latitude 0 and Longitude 0. These are usually fixed by users, but if an ID is made during this period it is assigned to CoL.
4. the No Group No Map bug. Occassionally iSpot loses the group and the map. This does not usually produce this error (as the locality is there it is merely not displayed), but there is an outside chance that some of our issues are from this.

In addition, some are due to bad localities, where localities were posted outside of s Africa and then corrected, but with their interim IDs linked to incorrect dictionaries.

We managed to get the necessary field introduced into our data dump so that we were able to isolate these errors: there are 377 of them. They require that users agree to the SANBI link, so are not just a fix, but a all-muck-in fix.

We will see how successful this exercise has been in the January data dump.


Please see if you can help.
In many cases all that is needed is a few "I agrees" to change the Likely ID. = Please agree

A few have been fixed. These are prefixed * - but please agree if you think that you can.

Please help with the following

All Done!

Not southern Africa:
These have turned out to be from elsewhere Fistulina hepatica - is this a s Afr observation? - This is probably a UK observation.

The following cannot be fixed at present:
** (the 20Nm boundary that iSpot uses: we have requested the 200Nm boundary but OU has not yet enabled this or provided a coherent reason why not.)
** (dictionary: our last dictionary update was Sept 2014. Our March 2015 update has not been loaded, and we are almost ready with our December 2015 update, but have no news from the OU when they will load the next version) Acanthistius sebastoides - outside the 20Nm boundary: Boopsoidea inornata - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Boopsoidea inornata - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Chromalizus speciosus - not in SANBI dictionary Chrysoblephus gibbiceps - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Chrysoblephus gibbiceps - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Chrysoblephus gibbiceps - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Chrysoblephus gibbiceps - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Coptoeme krantzi - not in SANBI dictionary Cordylomera karschi - not in SANBI dictionary Cordylomera karschi - not in SANBI dictionary Cordylomera karschi - not in SANBI dictionary Coryphaena hippurus - outside the 20Nm boundary: Discodoris lilacina - not in SANBI dictionary Epinephelus marginatus - outside the 20Nm boundary: Hydrozoa - outside the 20Nm boundary: Macropus - not in dictionary: should we put it in? Massonia longipes - not yet in SANBI dictionary (in update awaiting) Nezara viridula - name not in SANBI dictionary Onchidium - not in the dictionary Pachymetopon blochii - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Pachymetopon blochii - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Parablennius cornutus - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Parablennius cornutus - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Peniophora rufa - not in the SANBI dictionary Philosciidae - not in the dictionary Philosciidae - not in the dictionary Phyllodesmium poindimiei - not in the dictionary Plagiostenopterina - not in SANBI dictionary Pleurobranchus grandis - not in SANBI dictionary Poroderma africanum - outside the 20Nm boundary: Poroderma pantherinum - outside the 20Nm boundary: Serranidae - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Serranidae - all these are outside the 20Nm boundary: Thunnus alalunga - outside of the 20Nm zone: Tragocephala mima - not in the dictionary Trichopsathyrus modestus - not in the dictionary

Fixed round 1: But please if you have time, review and agree as well.

* Acanthus pubescens
* Afrixalus delicatus
# Agama atra = duplicate flagged for deletion.
* Agathosma
* Albuca

* Argyrolobium
* Aristea bakeri
* Aspalathus
* Aspalathus
* Aspalathus
* Aspalathus setacea
* Asteraceae
* Astroloba bullulata

* Berkheya
* Berkheya zeyheri
* Bouvardia
* Brachychiton discolor
* Brachytrupes
* Bulbine sedifolia
* Bulbine torta
* Bulbinella trinervis
* Butorides striatus

* Cacosternum boettgeri
# Campethera notata - flagged for deletion: duplicate?
* Capsicum
* Centella lanata
* Centella lanata
* Cercopidae
* Cercopidae

# Chirodactylus brachydactylus - duplicate flagged for deletion
* Chironia linoides
* Choromytilus meridionalis (Also Group bug)
# Chrysoblephus laticeps - duplicate flagged for deletion
# Chrysoblephus laticeps - cflagged for deletion
* Chrysomelidae
* Cleridae

* Cliffortia juniperina
# Clinus venustris
* Conostomium natalense
* Conyza bonariensis
* Cordylus cordylus
* Crotalaria
* Cynoglossum lanceolatum
* Cyperaceae
* Cyphia volubilis

* drosera aliciae
* Drosera trinervia
* Drosera trinervia

* Epilobium sp.
* Epinephelus marginatus = please agree
# Epinephelus marginatus - duplicate flagged for deletion
* Erica
* Eriosema psoraleoides
* Eriospermum
* Eriospermum dregei
* Eremomela

* Ferraria crispa
* Ficinia secunda
* Ficinia truncata

* Galeichthys
# Galeichthys - duplicate flagged for deletion
* Gasteroclisus
* Gerbera
* Gethyllis

# Gladiolus - duplicate? flagged for deletion
* Gladiolus bullatus
* Gladiolus nigromontanus
* Gnaphalium pensylvanicum
* Grewia flavescens
* Gunnarea gaimardi
* Gymnothorax favagineus

* Halleria lucida
* Haploblepharus fuscus
* Haploblepharus fuscus
* Haploblepharus fuscus
* Haploblepharus fuscus

* Harpagophoridae
* Helichrysum
* Helichrysum
* Helichrysum
* Helichrysum niveum
* Heliothinae
* Hibiscus cannabinus

* Hirundo rustica
* Hirundo rustica subsp. rustica
* Homoptera
* Hoplocorypha
* Hypopyra capensis

* Ipomoea

* Janolus longidentatus
* Jorunna tomentosa

* Lachenalia carnosa
* Lactoria
* Laudakia stellio
* Lauxaniidae
* Lavandula angustifolia

* Limonium
* Linckia laevigata
* Lobelia
* Lobelia erinus
* Lotononis pulchra
* Lotus subbiflorus

* Melierax metabates
* Miridae
* Monochamus spectabilis
* Monochamus spectabilis
* Monticola rupestris
* Moraea
* Moraea luteoalba (?? linked to CoL first time - why?)
* Muscidae
* Myxomycetes
* Myrmecocichla nigra

# Naja nivea - duplicate? flagged for deletion
* Noctuidae

* Ocypode madagascariensis
* Onychognathus morio
# Oplegnathus conwayi - duplicate fagged for deletion
* Oraesia
* Ornithopus
# Orthetrum caffrum - duplicate? fagged for deletion
* Orthetrum julia
* Othonna
* Othonna

* Papaver pseudoorientale
* Pelargonium grossularioides
* Pelomedusa galeata
* Pentameris
* Phaenocoma prolifera
* Philinopsis
* Plocepasser mahali
* Ploceus capensis
* Ploceus cucullatus

* Polycera
* Poroderma africanum
* Poroderma africanum
* Poroderma africanum
# Poroderma pantherinum - duplicate flagged for deletion
* Procavia capensis

* Psoralea
* Psoralea plauta
* Psoralea speciosa
* Psoralea speciosa
* Pteronia
* Pupalia lappacea var. lappacea

* Rajidae
* Rhynchosia
* Rhynchosia chrysoscias
* Rodentia
* Rosa hybrida

* Salticidae
* Scarabaeus schulzeae
* Sechium edule
* Senecio burchellii
* Senecio littoreus
* Sisyrinchium montanum

* Solanum (multispecies collection: delete??)
* Solanum aculeatissimum
* Solanum anguivi
* Solanum campylacanthum
* Solpugema
* Solpugidae
* Spirula spirula

* Staberoha
* Stomatostemma monteiroae
* Streptocarpus hilburtianus
* Streptocarpus prolixus
* Streptopelia capicola tropica
# Strongylopus rhodesianus - duplicate? tagged for deletion

* Trachyandra revoluta
* Tetraria
* Thalassoma purpureum
* Tribolium uniolae
* Tripteris clandestina
* Tripteris clandestina
* Tritoniopsis antholyza

* Ursinia anthemoides
* Urtica dioica

* Vanellus coronatus

* Wachendorfia multiflora
* Wachendorfia paniculata
* Wachendorfia paniculata
* Wahlenbergia procumbens
* Wurmbea

* Zantedeschia aethiopica
* Zoanthidae

Fixed round 2 (2 sweeps): But please if you have time, review and agree as well.

* Acanthistius sebastoides
* Acanthistius sebastoides
# Acanthistius sebastoides - duplicate flagged for deletion.
* Acanthistius sebastoides
* Amietia angolensis
* Amietophrynus pantherinus
* Amphidesmus analis
* Amphipoda
* Ampulex

* Anacampseros arachnoides
* Anoplolepis steingroeveri
* Aplysia parvula
* Apoidea
* Araneae
* Armadillidae
* Asilidae
* Asparagobius braunsi

* Belostomatidae
* Bibionidae
* Bronchus

* Carcharhinus brachyurus
* Carcharhinus brachyurus
* Carcharhinus brachyurus
* Chirodactylus brachydactylus
* Chrysoblephus laticeps
* Chrysoblephus laticeps
* Chrysomelidae

* Cisticola tinniens
* Cliffortia atrata
* Clinus ornatus
* Clinus venustris
* Clinus venustris
* Coleoptera

* Dermochelys coriacea
* Diptera
* Diptera
* Disparago kraussii
* Dyspilophora trivittata shimbaensis

* Ecklonia maxima
* Egretta dimorpha
* Erica vestita

* Falco peregrinus

* Gonimbrasia zambesina
* Goniobranchus alderi
* Graphium policenes
* Grewia flava

* Haematopus moquini
* Haematopus moquini
* Halgerda toliara
* Halictidae

* Haploblepharus fuscus
* Haploblepharus fuscus
* Heliophila suavissima
* Helogale parvula subsp. parvula
* Hemidactylus mabouia
* Hemidactylus mabouia

* Insecta
* Insecta

* Jasminum

* Kinixys spekii

* Lamellaria
* Lepidoptera

* Maireana brevifolia

* Oncorhynchus mykiss

* Pentatomidae
* Phalacridae
* Phalacrocorax coronatus
* Physconia enteroxantha
* Poroderma pantherinum - No group > No map bug

* Rhopalidae

* Sphingidae
* Stratiomyidae

* Threskiornis aethiopicus
* Tingidae
* Trithemis dorsalis

* Zanclus cornutus
* Zizeeria knysna

Run 3 (31 December 2015): Acanthistius sebastoides Amietophrynus pantherinus Anacampseros retusa Anhinga rufa Clinus venustris Cyathus olla Dictyophorus spumans Elanus caeruleus Lactarius acris Micropezidae Oplegnathus conwayi Pachycnema crassipes Pinctada Senecio foeniculoides (and link = ANT)

Run 4 Acanthistius sebastoides Acanthocercus atricollis Agama atra Aloe aristata Amietia fuscigula Amietophrynus pantherinus Anthrenus verbasci Anhinga rufa Antidorcas marsupialis Aspalathus acuminata acuminata Aspalathus heterophylla Cacosternum boettgeri Centropus cupreicaudus Chromodoris hamiltoni Cladonia Cochlicella barbara Cordylus cataphractus Crocuta crocuta Dasypeltis scabra Echidna nebulosa Elytropappus rhinocerotis Gerrhosaurus validus Helogale parvula Hyperolius nasutus Indigofera hybrida Kassina senegalensis Lamprotornis nitens Larus hartlaubii Larus pipixcan Loxodonta africana Melanelixia subaurifera Miridae Mollusca Naja nivea Nemestrinidae Nucras caesicaudata Pelomedusa subrufa Pentatomidae Pentatomidae Phyllodesmium horridum Phrynomantis bifasciatus Platysaurus intermedius Psoralea pinnata Promerops cafer Pseudaspis cana Ptychadena anchietae Pyxicephalus adspersus Solanum aculeatissimum Solanum campylacanthum Solanum guineense Strongylopus grayii Syrphidae Sterna bergii Strongylopus grayii Strongylopus grayii Struthio camelus Sylvicapra grimmia Syncerus caffer subsp. caffer Threskiornis aethiopicus Trachylepis striata

Mopping up (April 2016): Pertusaria = please agree Strelitzia reginae = please agree

Last one (Dec 2016): Mentha = please agree

24 hours after the 377 were posted we have only 134 left to resolve: well done all. (posted 18 December 2015 - 2:58pm)
((note the date on this will change with each update: the date shown is the last edit, not the creation date.))
Created plus- minus 17 December 2015 - 3:30pm


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Not outside territorial waters

Most of the Koester observations are well inshore at Scotsman Reef near PE, also mostly my ID's so kind of stuck. not showing me a location

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
Photos licensed

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Is the no Group, no Map bug. Goes away if you make an ID.

Is in SANBI waters: please add a group and agree to the second ID ...

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Done most of the marine stuff

but may have missed one or two, Who knows.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
Photos licensed

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Many thanks!

Thats cool. Much appreciated.

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Some linked but not asterisked

The few unasterisked marine species I checked seemed to be linked to the SANBI dictionary.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
Photos licensed